Alaska Glacier Panorama

Alaska Glacier Panorama. This is a special image for me, it was taken near Juneau Alaska on a holiday we took a few years ago. It is of the Juneau ice field and is home to over 40 large glaciers  I like it because of the dramatic difference in landscape from where I live, the beauty of the scene and the difficulty in getting this shot.

It’s a stitched panorama of around 7 images, taken through a window of a moving helicopter.  When we got to Juneau the weather was perfect and I was prepared for some great scenery and the landscape didn’t dissapoint. Flying low in the valleys and seeing snow, Ice and Glaciers all around was certainly a change from home. When this scene first appeared in view it was out the front window (I was sitting in the back) and I knew I didn’t have a wide enough lens to capture it all, so taking multiple images and joining them together was the only option I had. I mentally prepared myself for the shot, adjusted my polariser to minimise reflections from the windows, set focus to manual and waited for the helicopter to turn. I had less than 10 seconds to take 7 photo’s and I had no idea if it was going to work.

I had to wait two weeks to get home, and then find some software that would stitch it. Photoshop wouldn’t join the 7 images due to all the white area’s in the centre of the image, so I used a program called PTGUI to perform the task. It allows the addition of manual stitch points and I needed to use lots of them.

Joining the images together created a 50MP shot from a 14MP camera and this means it can be printed very large without any visible quality loss. Please contact Valley Imagery  to purchase this image.


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