Barossa Valley Waterfall

There are a few small waterfalls on the edges of the Barossa Valley and in winter for a few days after heavy rain they are very photogenic. This particular one is on private land and cannot be seen from public access area’s. Friends of mine contacted the landholder and arranged access to this little waterfall to get some photo’s. The walk in was fairly challenging as we were all carrying backpacks and tripods and none of us knew exactly how to get to it, Despite three creek crossings and 30 min of walking we all made to the falls dry and unscathed. Once there we were met with a great little waterfall that changes course as it descends a 3-4 meter rock wall. After getting our gear ready and shooting a few images,we then had to cross the creek (again) to access the better angles on the other side of the falls. I used a tripod, a variable density ND-4 and a ND-8 filter on a 10mm lens for these shots. The filters allow the exposure time to be extended to achieve the milky water effect. At times the entire tripod was in the water with the framing and exposure being monitored through the rear screen on the camera. I didn’t fall in during this shoot but it was a very near thing on a few occasions, It’s always advisable to use the best footwear and clothing on little outings like this one. I had wet shoes but not wet feet.

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