Corryton Park, Barossa’s hidden beauty.

Curiosity led me to find Corryton Park, I was simply driving around looking for places I haven’t seen before. From the main road there are only a couple of views that hint of the type of property that is here, clearly there is a large stone house surrounded by large trees and set well back from the road.  The undulating vineyard is populated with magnificent gum trees, a large dam with two small islands and glimpses of the homestead are the only things visible from the road. This is not surprising for the Barossa area though, there are numerous old buildings dating back to the original european settlements in South Australia.

These glimpses led me to contact Grant Burge to gain permission to enter and photograph this unique place.  I was initially drawn to the lake and its small islands but the views from the hill that dominated the property meant that a lot of time was spent walking its grassy slopes. From the top there are panoramic views of the local area and the variations in the light meant the photographic opportunities were always changing.

After walking around the far end of the dam I took a quick look around the large house and outbuildings before walking into the creek bed that winds along the now disused original entry road. There is a small bridge and in autumn the colour in this area is spectacular.

Photographically it is a spectacular environment, water trees, vines and heritage buildings with views from many angles, it’s a privilege to be allowed access to it and Corryton Park certainly is one of the Barossa’s secret places. Grand Burge has a grand plan for this property and it will be exciting to see it develop over time.

I will be updating the photo’s  over time so please come back and see the changes.


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