The Dish

The photo’s featured in this post are from near Parkes in NSW. This is “the Dish” featured in the movie of the same name. I have driven past this on numerous occasions over the last 20 years and have previously taken photo’s during the day.  On a drive back to Adelaide from Lismore the chance to stay overnight in Parkes arose. As we were due into Parkes at around 9.30 I decided to drive past the dish to see what it looked like at night.

I was fortunate that the moon was not yet up and the sky was clear and dark providing me with perfect conditions. I initially stopped on the road prior to the dish, took a few shots (which didn’t turn out well) and then decided to venture closer.  As it turns out the visitor carpark was not locked so I drove in and parked the car, got out the tripod and walked around until I found some compositions I liked.

It was difficult to balance the bright light on the dish with the dark sky and I have some idea’s on how to improve these. Despite this the camera dealt with the lighting quite well and the images turned out great.

These are shot using an ultra Wide Angle lens (UWA) and the exposure time is 30 sec and aperture was F3.5. The ISO was set to 3200 and 6400 as my camera deals pretty well with noise at this level, Higher ISO levels are just not useable on my camera.

On the way out I remembered a previous discussion regarding photo opportunities from the dirt road leading back to the highway.  I decided to take that instead of the usual road, the dirt road offers a better view than the “lookout’ on the bitumen road so I took another set of photo’s.

It was now about 10.00pm 3.5 degrees and I had a 10 hour drive the next day so I called it quits and drove the 20min into Parkes, found the hotel and went to sleep.

I hope you enjoy these photo’s and one day get to see this unique sight.  These images are for sale so if you are interested in purchase please contact me for pricing.

There are higher resolution images from this shoot in the gallery,  Head over there if you want to see more.



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