Photography Packages

Photography Packages

Print Pricing

Valley Imagery Can supply prints from as little as $35.00. We can supply traditional prints or Canvas, Glass or Aluminumum.

Event Photography

Valley imagery can provide photography services from $300.00. We have experience in Portrait, Parties, Weddings and Concerts.


Valley Imagery has a number of packages to suit your business requirements.

We offer services from annual packages to individual event’s with customer satisfaction, quality and flexibility in mind.

Annual Packages 

Does you business require an ongoing photography service? Is quality digital imagery important to you and does your social media profile need to be updated?

Our annual imagery packages will suit your needs.

This package is specifically tailored to keep your images updated and relevant in the digitally connected world.

Location Packages  

Does your business require updated images? Is quality important?

We can photograph your business environment in the best conditions possible.

We specialise in coming to you.

Event Packages 

Do you have a special event planned.

Valley Imagery can provide coverage of events, from small functions to large concerts.

Valley Imagery can cover all your requirements.


Quality is the key.

Contact Us for pricing details tailored to your needs.